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The Tale of Caffè Classico

Caffè Classico Foods started in 1976 as a single, family-owned store called Gelato's. Located in an out-of-the-way San Francisco neighborhood, word quickly got out about the shop's homemade gelato, and long lines stretched out the door and down the street. After opening two more stores, demand outstripped supply and the company opened its first factory in 1980.

The popularity of our gelato (the Italian word for ice cream) continued to grow, and the Italian-style gelatorias, since renamed Gelato Classico, began to pop up all over the country. In 1988 Money magazine called Caffè Classico the best franchise opportunity in the country, and the company expanded to a national network of 31 franchises, in addition to four of its own shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. In the wake of this success, Baskin-Robbins acquired Caffè Classico Foods in 1991.

The son of the company's founder stayed on and eventually re-purchased Caffè Classico Foods in August 1995. Since then the company dramatically increased its production capability by opening an 18,000-square-foot facility - featuring a giant two-story freezer - outside of San Francisco, California. Caffè Classico Foods makes around 50 varieties each month, and introduces many new flavors every year. In 2002 the company produced pints for the first time, introducing Gelato Classico and Sorbetto Classico to leading grocery stores and gourmet shops.

In late 2007 Caffè Classico Foods Inc. was acquired by Caffè Classico Foods LLC and added new management and experience to take the company to the next level. Gelato Classico product offerings now include Light (93% fat free) and Guilt-Free (no sugar added).

Today we continue on our mission of changing the way Americans think about ice cream. Buon Appetito!

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"Amazing! I can't get enough of your Tiramisu Gelato."

Joanne - Malibu, California

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