Gelato Classico & Sorbetto Classico
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Stand Out From the Crowd

Tired of the standard ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt? Gelato Classico and Sorbetto Classico offer a unique program to help you stand out from your competition while increasing sales and customer loyalty.

  • High revenue per square foot
  • Conversion of your existing ice cream cabinet to our Italian-style display
  • High-end POP available
  • Established distribution network
  • Large number of year-round and seasonal flavors
  • Wide range of products, including gelato, light (93% fat free), guilt-free (no sugar added) and sorbetto
  • Full training, complete with an operations manual, to help you increase sales
  • Responsive customer support team
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"Amazing! I can't get enough of your Tiramisu Gelato."

Joanne - Malibu, California

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