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Why People Love Our Products

People love our gelato and sorbetto because - quite simply - it's the best in the world. Period.

We hand-craft serious desserts for sophisticated “gourmands” who seek the very best and value quality and taste. Ultra rich and creamy Gelato Classico and fat-free, dairy-free Sorbetto Classico are sold in fine restaurants, cafés, scoop shops and gourmet stores across the country.

What makes it so good? For starters, our manufacturing and product development efforts are spearheaded by people who are passionate about gelato. Our Director of Operations has spent his entire career, more than 25 years, in the ice cream industry. It all started with one store in San Francisco in 1976, and has gradually grown into an international company.

Maybe that's why we don't mix air into our gelato - air can make up to a third of our competitors' products! As a result, our gelato has a silky, sensuous taste that no other ice cream in the world can compete with. You can't make good gelato and sorbetto out of cheap ingredients. That's why we make our sorbets with 80-90% fruit imported from all over the world.

"Gelato Classico is Venice in a pint."

Susan - Miami, Florida

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"Amazing! I can't get enough of your Tiramisu Gelato."

Joanne - Malibu, California

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